You wont change…

You wont change a sissy into a man ever. Let that dream go.

You will end up hurt and alone if you think that you have the power to change a man who is gay and or a wimp into a straight guy or a masculine and strong man. Take it from so many woman before you who have tried…it wont happen! Let that dream go.


Did you know th…

Did you know that your husband to be is actually waiting on you too?

One of the best things you can do for your future is prepare for what you want to be in it. Instead of simply waiting on a man to make you a wife, why not begin preparing to be a wife now. Take care of yourself. Be mindful of the feelings of someone else and resist the urge to remain selfish. Keep yourself free of extra baggage and nonsense. Change the company that you keep. God has already chosen the man that will love you, but knows that you wouldn’t even be able to recognize him if he was in your face if you were not ready to be the woman he is looking for. Get ready for your future today!

Who you kickin it with?!!!???

Take advantage of opportunities to connect with other positive women and men who share sound principles and wisdom. Iron sharpens iron, and its a great idea to learn from what others hav already paid for. There is no sense in us all paying for what has already been painfully lived out. Positive people see the future as an opporunity and the present as a gift All while calling the past a steppin stone. 

Are you still holding onto stupid dreams….

Why do you think that man will change? Or better yet, why are you waiting around waiting for a man to change that has never made the lifelong commitment to you. It is a fairy tale dream for a woman to believe that a man that has not chosen to make her his bride and commit to her for life is going to stop flirting, sleeping around, disrespecting, and whatever else in a few more years because she stays faithful to him. He has already spoken to you with his words of action. It is totally up to you to woman up and realize what he is really saying. Men know what they want, and speak in a language that you have to watch, not listen to. pay attention.

How to make yourself irresistable to Men that Marry!


The world we live in and the media that seems to guide it’s decisions and thinking has convinced women and some men that sexy is only found in the shape of a woman’s body. Be it a large chest size or a round back side, we have been hypnotized with the belief that sexy is all about the frame. Truth is, that most men who marry are not at all that interested in their woman having perfect curves or a beach body shape. Most are attracted to and turned on by a woman who can share intimate moments with him in stimulating thought and dialogue. Being able to talk about the future and having hopes, dreams and goals that can be articulated clearly and with color are an aphrodisiac. I’d encourage every woman to make sure that as she is getting that body right, not to forget to put much more into her mind. Read, study, and learn about the world around you, and about yourself. As you fill your head with knowledge and listen to those with wisdom, you will begin to realize your own value and self worth. Confidence is exuded from a woman who understands that she does not have to display her private parts fully or partially in order to be found attractive or approachable by a quality Man. Real men appreciate real women for who they are inside. #WaysToTell

Potential Husbands don’t hang out where Twerkers do… #HeAintThere

men who marry

men who marry

What would make you think that a man who is looking for a wife to be committed to and to possibly mother is children would be inclined to seek her out in a club or bar or party full of over sexed men and women half naked. The mind of a marrying man has matured and has come to a place in hi life in which all foolishness and playing around has ended. He is not interested in sharing her with anyone and knows that a woman who will twerk or shake her booty in the face of this man, is not ready to settle down yet. Maturity seeks out maturity. There may be men hanging out where you are going, and they may look good to you and you to them. They are not however men who are looking to make the pole sliding thick chick full of singles and glitter, their one and only. Sexy is sexy with clothes on, modest, and with dignity and class. Keep yours!